Our Story

Jurrens & Associates, Inc. was established in 1986 with a vision for a full-service consulting firm that not only offers solutions, but implements them. From Custom Application Design to E-commerce solutions, Jurrens & Associates offers expertise in many aspects of your business in relation to technology.

Jurrens’ staff of personnel consists of qualified and seasoned Senior Custom Application Developers, Web Developers and Systems Engineers with several years of industry related experience. Our combined computer related experience dates back to 1983, because of the experienced professionals we employ we boast a 95% retention rate with our clients.

Our approach is simple, provide highly skilled technical and service oriented people, get the job done on time and within budget. Through our commitment to providing above average service and response to our clients our company has experienced rapid growth.

A locally and privately held company dedicated and committed to meeting all of your companies technology needs makes Jurrens & Associates the right choice for you and your business.


Collective Expertise

Our team consists of only highly trained experts. We have some of the most stringent vetting and testing policies in our industry, for a company of any size. While striving for modern solutions, we simply will not allow our clients to be guinea pigs on cutting or bleeding edge technology.

Extent of Experience

Jurrens is familiar with developing a project scope, change management plan, or working with different levels of management throughout an organization. You will benefit from our knowledge and experience needed to take advantage of best options, avoid common pitfalls or to help you overcome resistance to change from your workforce.

Independent Objectivity

Jurrens can help facilitate the discussion where the all of your company stakeholders’ questions, concerns, and objections are being taken into consideration to account for a positive outcome. To achieve a successful change process the business owner or a decision maker with an authority needs support from organization as a whole.

Faster Deployment

Adapting to proven procedure templates and models to your specific business needs and leaving materials, procedures and communication plans in expert help of Jurrens makes less room for error in both planning and implementation phases of your change management process. In the end, it simply allows for faster, more efficient deployment.