The dilemma between choosing between an off-the-shelf product and development of custom software through a consultant is a never ending saga. Custom software development services allow you to transform your daily operations into specific goal-oriented apps. Unlike off-the-shelf software applications, custom software has the remarkable ability to run exactly the way your business needs and wants it to work for you. Since every business has different requirements, it is very difficult for one product to accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. Below are some of the advantages of custom software development.


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Tailor Made

Custom software is contrived by utilizing the latest up-to-date technology. The system is developed specifically to satisfy your business requirements and needs. We take advantage of an agile development environment to keep the client

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Cost to Value

Sometimes the costs associated with developing custom business applications for your business are higher than purchasing a ready-made product, but many times they are not. There are also additional costs typically incurred when paying for long or short-term licenses when you buy off the shelf products. The long-term benefits of investing in developing custom business applications are far more valuable than purchasing a ready-made product.

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Custom software is a great solution for program integration. Businesses in need of numerous software programs can enjoy the benefits of operating on one software application that is specifically designed to integrate multiple processes. In this respect, custom software helps you to accomplish more of what you need.

The Jurrens team combines the logic of numbers and engineering with the creativity of focused design and vision to provide a superior solution.

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Web Applications

We help our clients visualize, define and create business critical web applications and software products. From planning to implementation, you will get a thoughtfully designed product developed by experts that aligns with your business goals.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are quickly becoming the gateway to critical business systems and time sensitive information. Our approach to mobile apps will ensure that you have a product which will integrate with your existing IT applications and is platform independent.

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Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Even the best business systems in the world need customization to fit your specific business. We can help you create solutions that will bridge the gaps between existing systems, eliminate data silos, and reduce data duplication in order to streamline business processes and workflows.

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