Systems integration (SI) is a process or phase concerned with joining different subsystems or components into one large system and ensures that each integrated subsystem functions as required. By using SI to add value through new functionalities provided by connecting the functions of different systems, the integration allows for customization to fit your specific business requirements.

Count on the Jurrens team to help you create custom solutions that will bridge the gaps between existing systems, eliminate data silos, and reduce data duplication in order to streamline business processes and workflows by providing the benefits below. We have the expertise to identify and assist with all steps needed to create a successful resolution for your integration requirements. Our team has the ability to provide assistance with the planning and execution of your integration process which will:

  • Save End-user Client Personnel Costs
  • Improve the Quality and Reliability of the Integration Project
  • Deliver Accountability for Time and Resources
  • Knowledge and Application of Current Industry Standards in Safety, Environmental and Modern Technology
  • Bring Innovation and Experience from Working across Industries
  • Have the Right Skill Set for Project Management and Execution
  • Know How to Manage Project Risks
  • Provide Proper Documentation for Future Reference
  • Choose the Best Hardware and Software for an Application
  • Provide On-demand Expert Technical Staff