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Initial Consultation

We provide a free, basic consultation to assess and document your current IT equipment and infrastructure. This information is used to get to know your company culture and to make more informed recommendations if needed. It also enables us to provide faster, quality support.

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Virtual IT

Our “Virtual IT” team is on-call. If your computer is malfunctioning, we’re never far away, available either on-site or remotely. We fix computer performance issues, remove viruses and malware, configure and verify data backups and more.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Your Virtual IT team will check your computers, network equipment, servers and other systems pertinent to daily operation on a scheduled basis, confirm the timeliness of the patches, and work with you to find the best time to carry out the maintenance plan with minimal to no disruption. We will also use this time to answer any IT questions and concerns you may have.

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Network Configuration

A secure, well-performing network is important for any business. We develop and optimize wired and wireless networks fit for your business.

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No question is too small or large. We’ll do our best to help: we support a wide range of audiences with varying technical proficiency.