Custom Software Program Integration

Custom Software Program Integration: Design the Best Hub for Your Spokes

Whether you ride a Schwinn or a Harley, without well-made wheels, you’re not getting far. The same is true of your business software. If your programs don’t work seamlessly and flawlessly together, it can bring your organization to a grinding halt.

Why Software Integration Matters

All of your software applications do a specific job. Hopefully, they perform these jobs well. But it’s likely they are unable to talk to each other. Your sales software is siloed from your production team’s tools. Your purchasing team’s software is siloed from the software your CFO uses. 

Imagine the insights you could uncover if these programs talked with each other. Imagine the time savings and increase profitability. Here are a few of the benefits our customers have reported from integrating their programs:

  • Program integration ensures the right people are in the right jobs, improving quality.
  • Integration increases accountability to deadlines and resource use.
  • The right software hub uncovers insights that increase innovation and decrease risks.
  • Integration saves time and costs associated with managing multiple software programs manually.

Custom Software Program Integration

A custom software solution connects all of your programs and applications. It becomes the bridge between the sales team’s lead management system and your production crew’s software, making the conversion of prospect to paid customer seamless and effortless. It allows the purchasing team’s reporting software to automatically populate data in the CFO’s accounting system for an immediately clear picture of your organization’s accounts. 

How does this work in the real world? Jurrens helped an HVAC company link the software their field techs used with their contact relationship management system (CRM). Now, the data the field techs collect in the field feeds directly into their CRM and vice versa. This simple integration makes every more productive.

An organization that functions like a well-oiled machine starts with a great hub. Custom program integration is affordable and offers time and financial savings for years to come. To get started on a custom solution for your company, contact the Jurrens & Associates team today.