Taking Stock of IT Inventory 2_Jurrens & Assoc

Taking Stock of Your IT Inventory Part Two: System Implementation

In our previous blog post, we covered how taking stock of your IT assets can save you money and keep your network safer and more productive. We also shared how to audit your inventory so you have a clear idea of the devices, software, and web applications you own and use.

In this post, the Jurrens & Associates team wants to share how you can design and implement a streamlined IT inventory process with continuous improvement principles, ITAM software, and an efficient change management process.

Streamline Your Inventory Process

If you have not taken stock of your IT assets for a while, your audit of your IT inventory may take considerable time and effort. Don’t throw that effort away by failing to implement a process for procuring and maintaining your IT assets. Jurrens recommends organizations of all sizes adopt continuous improvement principles and apply them to their IT inventory management process. Kaizen, Lean, and Six Sigma are several popular continuous improvement processes to investigate as you decide what will work best for your team. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to document your process. 

Implement the Right Systems

IT asset management, or ITAM, software, is a powerful tool that can streamline your IT inventory management. ITAM software integrates with your existing systems, including your financial ones, to make data reporting easy and automated. ITAM software keeps a repository of all of your IT assets that you can sort and search, putting every device and license at your fingertips. Advanced systems use barcodes or RFID chips to keep track of physical devices.

Jurrens & Associates can design ITAM software that helps your company track and maintain your IT assets. We can also work with you to create and implement a change management system so no device disappears with an employee and software licenses don’t fall into the wrong hands. Together, we can document a plan that requires employees to formally request devices and access, submit maintenance requests in writing, and follow a process for returning devices and log-ins at the end of their employment with you. With the support of Jurrens & Associates, managing your IT inventory does not need to be difficult. Contact Jurrens & Associates today for expert help optimizing your IT assets and other custom solutions.