We strive to put our clients first and cater to their business needs by creating custom IT software and infrastructure solutions that are elegant, user friendly and impactful for your organization.

Virtual IT

Your Virtual IT team from Jurrens & Associates is an extension of your organization and IT staff that is just a phone call or email away. We work with all of our clients in a personalized way through custom solutions and understand the need to achieve higher levels of performance with minimal maintenance.

To maintain an organized, highly productive workforce and minimize opportunities for data breach and theft, a successful corporate IT infrastructure strategy will always include well-performing solutions in a secure environment. We successfully work with and deliver on solutions for clients at various levels including:

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Free Initial Consultation

We provide a free consultation to assess and document your current IT equipment and Infrastructure which enables us to provide faster, quality support and learn more about your company culture for future recommendations.

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Monthly Maintenance

Your Virtual IT team will check your computers, network equipment, servers and other systems on a scheduled basis to confirm the timeliness of the software updates and patches, and work with you to find the best time to carry out the maintenance plan with minimal to no disruption to daily business.

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Endpoint Security and Performance Optimization

Your Virtual IT team will quickly diagnose any slowdowns or other computer issues related to older hardware, malware, viruses or an errant update and recommend a customized solution.

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Infrastructure and Inventory Management

We can partner with your current IT team to brainstorm and consult on new solutions to business challenges. From disaster recovery, to inventory management and new employee configuration, your Virtual IT team can take care of your everyday IT tasks and keep your data up to date.

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Endpoint Lifecycle Management

As technology progresses, old devices become obsolete and generally no longer receive security updates. Jurrens & Associates can manage your technology inventory and when the time arrives, advise on a relevant replacement.