California's Prop 65 Effects

How California’s Prop 65 Affects Us All. Yes, Even You and Your Business.

Call it government overreach gone wild. Call it prudent public health and safety policy. Whatever your opinion of California’s Prop 65 law, it’s here to stay. And eventually, it’ll affect your business, even if you’re not based in the Golden State. Jurrens & Associates is here to help you stay compliant.

California’s Proposition 65: The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act

California’s Prop 65 law has been in effect since 1986. The law requires the state to maintain a list of chemicals that cause cancer or reproductive harm. It also requires businesses that sell products with such chemicals to inform the California public of the risks of using their products or services.

Prop 65 has recently been in the news because the state changed its warning label requirements. You can read all about them here, but essentially, if a product has a chemical in it, it needs a label, from highly toxic industrial products to your morning latte. 

How Prop 65 Affects Your Business

If you sell or manufacture products in the State of California, you are subject to the rules of Prop 65. Every product that contains a listed chemical and sold in California must include proper labeling. Sound like a logistical nightmare for your production line? That’s because it is. 

Jurrens & Associates Has a Solution for the Prop 65 Label Rule 

If you do business in California, Jurrens & Associates has a software solution to help you stay compliant with the Prop 65 product labeling rules. We’ve designed an application that aligns all of your components and materials with Prop 65 requirements. The system flags every product you manufacture that contains these components so you can apply the Prop 65 label. We use an interface that we tailor to your specific production line software so you don’t experience any downtime. 

Prop 65 is already causing major headaches for companies that do business in California. If you’re organization is based in California or plans to sell to the California market, have you integrated Prop 65 rules into your process? If you’re struggling, Jurrens & Associates is here to help. Contact our custom software design team today