Custom Software Value

The Cost-to-Value of Custom Software and Why It Could Be a Great Solution for Your Organization

Updating software or adding a new tool to your infrastructure is major decision. Whether you own a small business or lead a team of hundreds of employees, your technology can make or break your team’s productivity, your organization’s capabilities, and of course your bottom line. 

Jurrens & Associates understands the decision you face when choosing new applications. We take it as seriously as you do. Sometimes, a great product that meets your needs is already on the market. But often, there’s something that’s not quite right with off-the-shelf software. Maybe you’ll need another product to help the software integrate with your other tools. Or, perhaps the licensing costs for dozens of users makes the software cost-prohibitive. Fifteen bucks a user can really add up. 

Often, a custom software solution is not only the right choice for your organization, it’s the most affordable choice. Here’s how.

Custom Software Does Exactly What You Need It to Do

We often see companies invest in expensive, off-the-rack software to only use 30 percent of its capabilities. The other 70 percent simply does not apply to their needs, goals, or processes. Other times, companies will invest in and manage three software tools to do the work that a single custom solution could deliver.

Custom software does exactly what you need it to do. Nothing more, nothing less. It streamlines operations and delivers relevant reporting that makes it easy to see whether or not your teams are meeting their benchmarks. This not only saves you money in software, it can end up making you more money in increased productivity.

You Know the Costs of Custom Software Up-Front

Sometimes, the costs of custom business applications are higher than those for off-the-shelf software. But often, they’re not. Plus, you have the benefit of knowing the costs of your software up front. Many ready-made solutions require long or short-term licenses and user fees that can go up at any time. Hiring new staff increases the cost of your software. 

With a custom solution, you’ll know the true cost of your software from the beginning. You’ll never need to pay for extra user accounts or pony up for ever-increasing subscription costs. Many organizations find that knowing the cost of their custom software up front helps them budget more accurately in the future, which can uncover costs savings, too. 

You Have a Built-In Support Team That Understands Your Organization

When Jurrens & Associates creates a custom software solution for you, we know the application inside and out. Often, we can manage updates and maintenance remotely without creating any downtime for your team. This makes IT support much more efficient, especially compared to waiting on hold with customer service. Wouldn’t it be profitable to get those hours back?If you’re searching for the next software tool for your business, don’t forget to consider a custom-built solution. Jurrens & Associates can help you understand your options and the custom software design process. Contact us to learn more.