IT Simplicity

Embracing the New Normal

In our last post, we discussed what the “new normal” might look like for our valued partners and fellow community members: to the business owners, entrepreneurial idea makers, “make-happeners” and dreamers. To the employee saving up to send their teen to college (or go to college themselves!)

We want to support you, and your business and employees. We want to see the families of our communities succeed. Let’s keep pushing forward to our goals.

Without further ado, let’s talk about technology and the impact it has on our businesses. (Hey, it’s what we specialize in!)

One of the biggest challenges in most organizations is Information Technology. Everyone knows they need it, but getting the most out of your investments in the bits and bytes that flow through your business is an art – a practice – all in itself.

Leadership. Amy Hirschi.

IT Simplification for Better Budgets and Security

As time progresses, information technology can become much larger and complex than the business requires. This additional complexity can:

  • Increase operations and IT expenses
  • Decrease technology security
  • Make disaster recovery more complex

Is now a good time for your business to consider new ways to reduce IT complexities? We specialize in IT simplification and security increase by managing the technology for you. This includes things like:

  • Becoming your Helpdesk and providing top-notch IT support to you and your employees, both on-site and remotely as needed. No long-term commitments.
  • Becoming your vCIO (virtual CIO) and planning for the future with you, while ensuring current IT operations are effective.
  • Implementing a highly secure, simplified network for efficient, readily-available access to company systems.
Glenn Carstens-Peters

There are many ways we can push forward. Ingenuity and passion are a powerful combination. Sometimes it takes a little nudge in a positive direction to know where to take certain parts of your business.

Please reach out! We’ll be happy to walk you through any concerns you may have about the technology in your business, and how it may impact operations in a more positive way.