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Custom Web Applications Can Help Your Team Stay Nimble

Do you ever wish your company’s custom software could be accessible from any device, not just your work computer? Custom web applications can make that wish come true. Jurrens & Associates has helped many companies like yours create web apps of their favorite desktop applications. Here’s a look at why businesses are choosing web apps for their vital programs.

Web Apps Are Nimble

Web apps live on the internet and are accessible through a web browser, rather than installed locally on a computer. They can be updated in real time, with every user immediately receiving every update. Web apps help teams access the information they need, when they need it, instead of waiting until they’re back at their workstation.

Web apps serve a wide range of functions. Some companies develop microsites that are portals to all important company tools, from email inboxes to HR handbooks. Others create apps to perform a very specific operational function, such as inventory management. Since apps are online, employees can access them when and where they need to, from any device with an internet connection.

They Also Don’t Require Downtime

Desktop applications require your IT professional to physically install and then update and maintain your software on all your devices. This is a time-consuming process that often results in downtime for your team. This loss of productivity can really cost your company.

Custom web applications are designed and maintained online. Your IT professional can work on your web app from their office and schedule updates overnight so app-wide changes don’t interrupt your work day.

Web Apps Are More Cost-Effective Over Time

Because they do not require in-house support of multiple devices, web applications are more cost-effective over time than traditional desktop programs. Since they are online, your company does not need to invest in additional hardware infrastructure to support the apps, either.

Plus, They Are Secure

Regular routine maintenance and monitoring of your web app helps ensure it is secure and working properly. All data is backed up securely to the cloud. This is part of the service your app developer provides.

But what happens when a disaster strikes your facility, wiping out your desktop programs? Often, this results in an irrecoverable loss. Web apps ensure your data is never gone, even when a device is compromised.

Interested in moving your essential software online? Jurrens & Associates has the experience and expertise to develop a web application that will help your team stay productive and efficient. Contact us today to get started on your project.