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3 Ways Your Company Can Use Custom Program Integration in 2020

This time of year, many companies are determining their goals for next year and deciding how to spend their budgets to improve productivity, streamline workflows, and maximize ROI. Often, custom program integration can help teams accomplish all three of these objectives. Here’s a look at how program integration can improve your company’s marketing, production, and finance operations.

1. Program Integration for Marketing

There are many opportunities to use program integration to streamline your marketing efforts and ensure you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. Connecting your social media and email marketing to a single content management system can save your team time while ensuring they complete every task.

Your content management system can also integrate with your CRM, lead vendor, and analytics platforms. This gives your marketing team a single tool to find new leads, nurture prospect and customer relationships, and use data to focus their efforts on the marketing initiatives with the best ROI. 

2. Custom Integration for Production and Operations

Your operations can also benefit from custom program integration. In an office setting, program integration can connect your project management software with your cloud-based data storage and collaboration tools so no one ever misses a task or loses an important document. Integrate your time-tracking software with your project management tool and accounting suite to make tracking billable hours and getting paid effortless.

Program integration is equally helpful in manufacturing environments. Custom integration can connect your product development process software with your CAD program and resource planning software so you can take your product from design to prototyping to production without spending time duplicating data or importing files. Integration can also connect your inventory, warehousing, and distribution platforms so your team has a clear idea of stock, floor space, and delivery schedules.

3. Integration for Finances and Accounting

Custom program integration can automate and streamline your accounting department, too. Custom integration makes it easy to connect your payroll and bookkeeping software with your project management and invoicing platforms so you have a clear idea of project costs and billable hours to clients. Integrating your invoicing platform with your CRM can also provide valuable data on the ROI of the efforts of your sales and marketing team.  

Wondering how custom program integration could improve your workflows and productivity in 2020? Contact Jurrens & Associates today.