Low-Voltage Wiring for Commercial Space

Low-voltage wiring provides the infrastructure for many essential systems in a commercial space. Finding a reputable low-voltage contractor is an absolute must, which is why Jurrens & Associates partners with J. Becher & Assoc. for our clients’ low-voltage wiring needs.

From fire protection and security systems to cabling for network and communication systems, here’s a look at what low-voltage wiring supports at your commercial building and why it’s important to make sure your low-voltage wiring is installed correctly.

Low-Voltage Wiring Powers Fire Protection and Security Systems

Most people agree that the safety of their employees, guests, and property are paramount. Did you know that your building’s fire protection system and access control and security systems operate on low-voltage wiring? If your wiring infrastructure is faulty or inefficient, it could cause these essential systems to fail. Done well, your low-voltage wiring can keep your fire protection and security systems running effectively for years.

Low-Voltage Provides Essential Infrastructure for IT and Wireless Systems

The safety and reliability of your network and wireless systems is our top priority as your managed IT provider. The quality and efficiency of your low-voltage wiring directly impacts how well your network operates, especially when you are connecting multiple server systems together. Low-voltage wiring is a solution for wireless systems, too, as low-voltage devices are capable of communicating wirelessly over radio frequencies or with infrared laser technology.

Low-Voltage Wiring Powers Communication and Collaboration

Most people are familiar with how low-voltage wiring supports landline phones. But phone systems are just one communication technology that low-voltage infrastructure supports. In addition to AV hardware, low-voltage wiring powers your paging and PA system, your building’s wireless clocks, and your mass notification system that integrates phone, text, and email communications.

When your low-voltage wiring is working optimally, you barely notice it. The systems you rely on, from security to communication to your network, work as expected. But when your low-voltage system is faulty or inefficient, you definitely notice a loss of productivity and possibly safety. At Jurrens, we understand that your low-voltage wiring infrastructure provides the strong foundation for the systems we provide. That’s why we only trust J. Becher & Assoc. with our clients’ low-voltage needs. To work with us or J. Becher, get in touch with our team today.