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Inbox Maintenance Revisited: File Storage and Project Management Tools

If you’re using your inbox to store files or track conversations, it’s time to upgrade to a better system. Jurrens & Associates can help you find file storage and project management tools that can help you maintain a clean inbox and improve your general business operations.

Our Favorite File Storage Solutions

Email is a communications tool. It’s not a file storage app.

It’s easy for emails with attachments or links to documents to drown in your inbox. Save yourself the daily frustration of hunting through your email and use a file storage tool to manage the files people send you via email.

There are many file storage solutions available today. Dropbox is a popular choice, and Microsoft 365’s OneDrive is another option. Or, you can work with Jurrens to create a custom file storage solution. Whatever tool you choose, make sure it has the storage capacity you need for all of your company’s files. Then, block off time in your calendar to set up a folder system that makes it easy for you and your team to find and access the files.

Having a structured file storage system in place makes it very easy to click and drag files from your email to the appropriate folder. Then, you can go ahead and delete the email and control your inbox clutter.

Collaborate with These Project Management Tools

Maybe you don’t use your email as a file storage tool, but you do have a year’s worth of email conversations you feel you need to keep. But using your email as a project management tool can bog down your inbox and also make it difficult to review conversations.

Instead, adopt a purpose-built project management tool to centralize your conversations and make collaboration more efficient and effective. Tools such as Asana, Trello, Zoho Projects, and Hive all move conversations out of the inbox and into a single, searchable dashboard. Once your email conversations are in a project management tool, they transform from simple chats into tasks and projects to give you a more comprehensive picture of what you’re working on. By following these tips, you’re well on your way toward decluttering your inbox. If you’re frustrated with your email setup, Jurrens can help! We have cloud-based solutions that can help you scale your email storage and email users. Get in touch today to learn more.